Monday, November 22, 2010 - Electricity Quiz - Electricity Quiz


What is the equivalent capacitance (in µF) between points A and B as shown if x is 2.91 µF, y is 2.02 µF, and z is 3.96 µF?


How much charge (in µC) can be stored by a parallel-plate capacitor with a plate area of 0.00131 square meters having air (8.85 X 10^-12 C^2/(Nm^2) between the plates where the magnitude of the electric field is 3.18 MN/C? 

A wire with a resistance of 3.19 ohm connected across a 111 V source carries current for 23.7 minutes. How much charge (in C) passes through the wire?

An appliance draws 7.1 amps of current when connected to 120 V. What is the cost (in $) of operating it for 15.8 hours at $ 0.137 per kWh?

An appliance delivers 496 J of energy when its capacitors discharge. If the device has a capacitance of 4.18 mF, how much charge (in C) is delivered?

A resistance thermometer has a resistaqnce of 40 ohm at a temperature of 16.2 ºC. At what temperature (in ºC) will it have a resistance of 46.4 ohm (linear coefficient of expansion = .00392 /ºC). 

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