Computer Science

New York City Computer Tutor

I am available for private tutoring in Computers at the High School and College levels
Ph.D in Physics and Matematics
I can offer one-on-one teaching on the theory, procedures and techniques for computer systems and applications including Windows, the Internet, word processors (MSWord), email, accounting, spreadsheets (Excel), databases, printers, scanners, broadband, wireless, anti-spyware and anti-virus.
I have taught Programming Languages and Software Development both in classrooms and one-on-one.
I’m friendly, patient and competent.

I have been teaching people of all ages how to use computers for over 20 years.
Beginners are welcome!
If you’ve never used a computer, I can start at the beginning - explaining how to use the keyboard’s special keys, (Ctrl, Alt) the mouse and the printer.
If you have some basic computer knowledge but don’t understand why things are happening with your machine, I can explain what’s going on.
I am intimately familiar with all the internal parts of a computer as well as the devices that can be attached to a computer.
Photos, music, email, the Internet, CDs – we can go as far as you want.
I’m friendly, patient and competent.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Tutoring Location: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

About Me

My photo Tutoring Service in Math, Physics, Computer Science:
I tutor both high school and college students in the following subjects: - Mathematics - Physics - Computer Science, including C/C++ programming languages, Signals Systems and Transforms. I am a PhD in Physics and Mathematics I charge 30 dollars an hour. Location: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY Email: Phone: 718-223-0228